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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  March 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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sam, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> that's "countdown." congratulations on getting through another day of this crap >> i'm jennifer granholm. this is the war room. it is a fantastic night for political junkies, elections, i love it. illinois voters have spoken and no surprise, mitt romney is their chase. we'll analyze the results and preview the next phase was the gop dog night opinioned then on at budget. a lot of you may think it's bothering, but the budget is where it's at. a quick snapshot, the rich are going to get richer, the programs will get gutted, except for one thing it ain't going to happen and we'll tell you why. this is the war room. come on inside.
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>> the polls predicted a mitt romney win and they were right. we're looking at our map of what is going on. there is 28% in, but everybody has called it for mitt romney, not really a surprise at all. in fact, in chicago, if you take a look just at cook county, cook county has 43% of the population almost half the state. honestly if you combine cook county and lake county, you're pretty much there. the bottom line is mitt romney taking that suburban ring 57% to santorum's 26. it won't be too much of a prize to know that santorum is going to probably take the lower part of the state and romney will end up taking the stuff around you know perhaps i'll be surprised we'll see what happens here in st. louis but clearly chicago is the whole ball of wax. the latest on the ground, we're
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going to turn to david shuster in chicago. david, can you hear me? >> yeah, governor, good evening. >> you have been speaking with the folks in the romney and santorum campaign. what is their reaction in the war rooms tonight? >> the santorum campaign expected that they would lose the overall vote but think they can pick up 25-30 of the delegates based on the counties that they expect to win in southern illinois. they expect to do strongly south of interstate 80 with the exception of springfield. the romney campaign is not at it's finest, but the santorum campaign is losing. the romney campaign very confident, expect to see governor romney out before too long in shaumburg, illinois saying this is another step to beating barack obama and the republican party uniting around me. again, the santorum campaign
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says let's see what happens next in louisiana, which is in saturday or in two weeks and at washington d.c., or five weeks in pennsylvania, delaware. everything santorum is saying tonight, look, this is one state, our battle continues. >> we heard this scenario before and for our viewers, we will go to romney or santorum's speech, so don't go anywhere. there was a lot of talk about low turnout in chicago or illinois today. does 83 degrees have anything to do with it? >> two things that both sides acknowledge had to do with it. record setting heat in the state of illinois, records up and down the state so a lot of folks they say stayed home because they didn't want to stand in line in these polling places. negative ads illinois has not
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seen as many negative ads put up on the airwaves in decades. a lot of folks believe that has an effect on the turnout depressing supporters who may say i saw romney ad and didn't like what it said about santorum so i'll stay home. a lot of times there's blowback on who runs the negative ad, leaving the republican party somewhat disappointed because of what it may portend for the fall. >> thank you for bringing us the full scope. why did romney do so well in illinois will the momentum be enough to propel him to victory? for answers i'm joined by donny fowler, has his own political consulting firm and david merman
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of lake research. i'm sure that you'll be trying to figure out how jesse jackson jr.'s going to be doing. no surprises here, right. >> i'm surprised 29 size of the win. i think particularly to see romney do so well in some of those rural counties in central illinois that should be santorum's strength. santorum is still winning the downscale non-college evangelical voters pretty strongly, but not as strongly as he's winning them in the south. that does not bode well for him going forward. >> obviously what happens in illinois might be some prelude to louisiana and other states. what do you see in terms of the counties, as its coming in. obviously cook counties, and i
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would also suggest dupage county which we will be looking at our key. what do you -- how do you break it down? >> mitt romney is very strong in the cities and suburbs losing rural counties. it's very much like a democratic does in the general election, cities and suburbs losing the rural counties. this has been consistent across the last seven states or so. >> it is almost predictable. i mean i -- you know, we were kind of hoping there would be some sizzle tonight some upset. >> what's unpredictable is that this competition and the nastiness of it, has hurt the republican party. both hillary clinton and barack obama were stronger at the end of this. romney's much weaker. >> s i heard that he was in cook county, in the chicago area, the
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media market, he was outspending santorum 28 to one? >> exactly. we know romney can buy elections. he's not going to have that advantage against barack obama. >> right right i think that's right. >> when you look at that disparity, a 2-1 win looks impressive and well, he's still going to have that spending advantage going forward and the organizational advantage. it looks very good for him to proceed to the nomination, but he is not winning a lot of hearts and minds while he does it. republican voters on the right the evangelical voters not happy with romney and swing voters not liking what they're seeing out of this, either. his numbers are getting more and more negative nationally. >> how far how much of a margin, 65% in cook county. if we back it up for a second, the total amount of the state
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that's in is 31%. he's at 54%. if 54% held, that would be a significant enough win for him oh feel like it, you know, the margin was big enough for him -- for the naysayers to not say oh, it was a loss because he should have won by that much. >> it's a good night for mitt romney, but if you do the math on how romney gets the nomination, he has to win 60% of the remaining delegates to get the numbers before they go to the convention, so romney had a good night. let's not take that away from them on the same issues of let's beat obama and get me a job. >> in terms of santorum's expectations he's got to win what's the percentage that he would have to win to stage a block? >> he would have to win to stage a block he only has to
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win about 60% of the delegates but that's more than he's been able to win at this point. it looks difficult for him honestly to be the candidate who's that close. you keep gingrich in the race, it doesn't seem he's getting out anytime soon. that with multiple candidates, that's what's making it hard to for romney to amass the majority. >> republicans are going to go to overtime, i think on this. >> i'm excited about it. looking ahead to the louisiana primary, there was another poll that was done, a magellan strategy poll of likely republican voters showing santorum with a 37% lead. who knows romney is going to be able to spend to overcome that. it's on saturday, a few days to blow him out still. >> that state looks a lot more like alabama and mississippi in
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terms of the makeup of the electorate. there are more catholic voters, but a lot of evangelical voters in the primary. it's lower income, non-college state that tends to do better for santorum. if he doesn't win there it becomes much harder for him. >> does romney go spend try? >> yeah. >> santorum and his allies are spending close to about as much so far. that's very unusual compared to the previous states like today 8-1 overall in the state spend ago lot closer in louisiana between romney and santorum. >> there's 46 delegates in louisiana, and 54 tonight. there's more than that that are available. if romney is able to claim half of those louisiana delates obviously, that, you know, turns out pretty good. >> i heard someone santorum or someone in his camp a little
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while ago were saying they still thought they would get 25-30 delegates. i don't see that out of illinois tonight, they're going to get 10-15 at most and the gap is going to continue to be wider. santorum looks less viable tonight based on inability to consolidate and win delegates but romney hasn't closed the deal. he's beginning to con sol indicate republicans but what he hasn't did you is brought the base of the party together behind him. the swing voters are saying i don't want any of these guys to be president. >> we're going to be talking with you later in the show. as we can see 34% and mitt romney is doing very well, and it's been called, he has one the illinois primary for the republican party. coming up, thet rich make out like bandits and the poor get the shaft. must be time for another paul ryan budget.
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we'll have all the head-scratching details and break down all the politics behind it, which is just so important. we're just getting started. this is the war room. the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas. the human brain is the most complex machine in the world. there are as many as a hundred-billion neurons firing at any given moment responsibleg to dreaming to deciding what to have for dinner. but, neuroscientist gregory gage has built a machine that lets you see inside the mind of a
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cockroach and even control some of it's decisions. gage's creation is called backyard brains and it's a neurosurgery kit for kids. by conducting very small amounts of electricity into the antennae, the insect responds as if it's getting a signal from its own brain. users can control some of it's basic movments like whether the roach moves left or right. it's not exactly brain surgery but backyard brains is a small glimpse into how thinking works. scion: what moves you.
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representative paul ryan called the services that we provide to our countries poorest a hammock. he introduced his budget plan
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that would slash services to the sick, poor andelerly while providing a nice comfy hammock to the nation's wealthiest. if you can follow me over here. he is proposing a 20% cut to science, medical research and technology. the department of education. the national institutes of science, et cetera. 24% cuts to veteran's services. a 30% cut to income security. that is unemployment food stamps foster care payments. 38% cut to infrastructure and transportation, and a 44% cut to education and social services. that means the department of education. that means the department of labor, health and human services. arts and pbs funding. he is also increasing something.
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and that would be the defense budget. you see an $8 billion annual increase to defense. and that is a key priority obviously for paul ryan. the ryan budget actually gives tax cuts to the wealthy and individuals and corporations. so the top individual income tax rate today is 35%. it's cut to 25%. that is $2 trillion additional to the budget. and on top of that a corporate tax rate which is currently 35% which he cuts to 25%, which costs another trillion dollars. so he has $3 trillion in the corporate and individual tax breaks that he creates for wealthy individuals and corporations. the ryan budget also provides tax breaks -- or keeps the tax breaks that are for the oil company, but cuts of course the tax breaks for renewable
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energy production. $4 billion is provided in breaks to oil companies. $3 billion is cut to clean energy development. and just as a point of reference, in 2011 the latest period for which we have numbers for profits, when the price of gas was $3.57 a gallon oil company profits were $137 billion. so what we're going to do right now is take a quick break so you can listen to mitt romney's speech and when we come back we will come back and talk to senator dorgan. so listen to mitt romney. >> so many great friends in this room and across illinois. what a night. thank you, illinois. what a night. wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> and of course i would like to congratulate by fellow
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candidates. i would like to thank in particular the volunteers and our friends across the state, and frankly in other states who have been working hard. i appreciate their unwavering support through good times and bad. and tonight we thank the people of illinois for their vote and for this extraordinary victory. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> and you know elections are about choices, and today hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country to join our cause. and this movement began on a small farm in new hampshire on a funny june day. we were surrounded by a small group of our friends and supporters and family. we shared a conviction that the america we love was in trouble and adrift without strong leadership.
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and three years of barack obama have brought us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks, but many of us believe we are in danger of losing something even more than the value of our homes and 401ks. historic drops in income and historic rise in gas prices a president who leads from behind in the world. it's time to say these words, this word enough! [ cheers and applause ] >> we have had enough. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've we know our future. we know our future is brighter than these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us. and i believe in the american people. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> now you know that yesterday i was giving a speech at the university of chicago -- [ cheers and applause ] >> not -- not very far from here. not very far from where professor barack obama taught law. [ laughter ] [ booing ] >> it was a speech on economic freedom, and as i was writing the speech i thought to my lifetime of experiences, i have a lot of opportunity to learn about the unique genius of american's free enterprise system. it started of course with my dad. he didn't graduate from college. and he would tell me about her dad who was a contractor. he never quite made it but he never gave up and raised great kids. later i helped start companies, and those began with just an
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idea, and somehow they made it through the difficult times, and were able to create a good return for investors and thousands of jobs. and those jobs helped families buy their first homes. those jobs put kids through school. those jobs helped people live better lives. dream a little bigger. for 25 years i lived and breathed business and the economy and jobs. i have successes, and failures but each step of the way i learned more about what makes our american system so powerful. you can't learn that teaching constitutional law at the university of chicago. all right? [ cheers and applause ] >> well obviously mitt romney has got to throw some red meat to his supporters. i am eager to hear senator byron dorgan's take on his speech but
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we'll go to him for that and we'll also go inside the ryan budget because mitt romney endorsed that ryan budget. the former senator was on the senate appreciation's committee. and senator dorgan is joining us from washington with his years of experience. senator, were you able to hear that little snip it of mitt romney's speech? >> i was, yes. >> obviously he has got to do what he has got to do in front of his supporters. although just as an editorial comment from me the idea that at bain capital he was focused solely on creating jobs and he was focused solely on creating return for his investors is more likely. but i wanted you to comment on the ryan budget plan. have you had a chance to look at it? >> well, i have and, you know,
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as you indicated, mitt romney has endorsed it. look the ryan plan is just flat dishonest. here is a guy viewed and described in the press as some sort of budget guru. he proposes we increase the federal budget by 7.5 try dollars in the next few years. his budget only gets balanced because of cheating. it's one of these two plus two equals five budgets. add more tax cuts in. shred the safety net, and say we don't like medicare very much. let's take medicare apart as well. that is not a serious approach to deal with this country's problems. >> the assumptions he has made in this budget include probably assumptions related to growth because of tax cuts which as
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many of us have seen those kinds of assumptions have certainly not worked if you look at our country's recent history. >> that's the game they play. they say let's cut taxes even more and we'll have even more growth. the treasury department put out a study that said that just isn't accurate. but it is warmed over hash we get all of the time from these folks. this country deserves serious leadership making tough choices that are fair and balanced and that is not the case with the ryan budget. >> part of the contribution to increasing the deficit that you described is additional tax cuts for corporations and individuals. >> right. >> about $3 trillion worth. i looked at the general statement he made and it didn't seem as though he was identifying which loopholes he would close to make up those
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trillions. did you see anything like that? >> they couldn't provide details, because it wouldn't work. if you go back to 2001 the big tax cuts he would extent in total, as you know and even add to them. and after the tax cuts were done in 2001 we went to war in two places, and didn't pay for a penny of it. the ryan budget ignores all of those issues rather than solving problems he would create more. and if mitt romney is endorsing this, he is also saying let's add another amount to the budget in the next several years. that's an absurdity. >> he is known as the big guru guy. >> that's right. >> as he was rolling our the
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plan, he said we were all surprised by what was happening in 2008. if he was such a guru what caused the surprise? the foundation of that surprise was created by those on the republican side who removed a lot of the protections on the banking industry, and created an implosion of tax cuts that were unfunded. so the guru part baffles me. >> they steered the country into the ditch, and then stood around pointing at others but it doesn't work. we understand how it happened and again, this country deserves much better leadership at this point, and when someone like congressman ryan talks about his blueprint for the future we deserve something better. >> right, and the irony of
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course is that we know that it's not going to pass. it's not going to see the light of day in the senate. so isn't this really -- let's call it what it is it is a political document. this is not a serious effort at controlling the budget deficit. >> it is not. a word it's fraud. they know it doesn't add up but this is all political. it's not about sound economics for the country's future. >> senator thank you so much for joining us inside the war room. that's former senator from north dakota byron dorgan. up next we are just getting started picking apart mr. ryan's budget. and let's face it there is a lot to pick apart. you are watching "the war room" only on current tv we'll be right back with you.
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